Factions featured in Battlefield 1918Edit

Allied Powers :Edit

23px-Flag of France.svg French Armed ForcesEdit

23px-Flag of France.svg Senegalese TirailleursEdit

23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Armed ForcesEdit

23px-Flag of Australia.svg Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC)Edit

23px-Canadian Red Ensign 1868-1921.svg Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF)Edit

23px-British Raj Red Ensign.svg GurkhasEdit

Flag of Russia ( Russian EmpireEdit

23px-State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918).svg Kingdom of SerbiaEdit

23px-Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Kingdom of BelgiumEdit

22px-Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Empire of JapanEdit

23px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg Kingdom of ItalyEdit

23px-Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg United States of America (USA)Edit

Central Powers :Edit

23px-Flag of the German Empire.svg Imperial German ArmyEdit

23px-Flag of the German Empire.svg SeebataillonEdit

23px-Flag of the German Empire.svg SchutztruppeEdit

23px-Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg Austro-Hungarian EmpireEdit

23px-Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Ottoman EmpireEdit

23px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg Kingdom of BulgariaEdit

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